Anti-Discrimimination Cell


Shri Sambhaji College of Pharmacy, Khadkut has constituted the Anti-Discrimination Cell in compliance to the UGC regulations (Promotion of Equity in higher Educational institutions), with the following members:

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty Designation Mobile No. E-mail id
1 Dr. V.M. Kalmase Chairman 9960114524

2 Mr. Kadam S.U. Member

3 Miss. Magar A.K. Member 8668579705
4 Mr. Kendre A.A. Member 9075981544
5 Mr. Bhaware S.H. Member 9112443614
6 Miss. Pawar P.P. Member 8390603319
7 Mr. Bhosle A.S. Member 9881755371